Life is all about the stories lived and sharing your moments with those you love or don't know.
How has our wine effected you? Tell us your story, tell us because we care. 

Cedric Daniels, 38

Vancouver, BC

Dear Talking Stories, 
At first I was a bit nervous and scared to share this, I'm not normally the kind of person who would every do this sort of thing, but here I am. 
One day I found myself out for a walk with no where to go. Pacing through the big city, in awe of the bright lights and bustling sounds I ended up stumbling into a restaurant in need of nourishment. The waiter there offered me a glass of wine. At first I was reticent to accept, but quickly acquiesced. The wine was Talking Stories.  Not only did I drink it, but I loved it! I finished up my wine and my meal (Spag bol) and skipped my way back home through a city I now saw through rejuvenated eyes. A city, I now loved. A city, I accepted as my own and for the first time felt accepted in it. 
I will forever be thankful to all of you at Talking Stories.

- Cedric

Preston Broadus, 23

Prince George

Dear Talking Stories,
Growing up we never drank wine. We were actually told not to. But then, I left the village I was raised and moved to Prince George. And there it was! It was the stuff they call wine. At first I was scared, and every-time I walked passed that shop I would close my eyes and say prayers to myself under my breath. Months went on like this. The temptation, it only increased. One day, I trepidatiously entered the store and bought a bottle, a beautiful looking bottle. I hurried home that day, avoiding eye contact with all I encountered. I got home, I opened the bottle, said a prayer and poured a glass. And waited. And then I cautiously sipped. 
IT WAS AMAZING, and still is amazing. 
The wine was Talking Stories, and it changed my life for the better.  

Eternal thanks be to you, 

Clarence Royce, 70

Baltimore, MD

Dear Talking Stories,

I'm an American, and proud of it. But my wife made me visit Canada last year and it was eye opening for numerous reasons. I really didn't expect to find any wine there, mostly because I thought you all lived in igloos. While it's true that most of you do, we were pleased to find wine and find out that you make up there. Our favorite wine we tried on our 9 day trip was the Talking Stories white. 
Well done, Canada. I didn't know you had it in you. Now I do. 

God bless America,
Clarence Royce

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